HOORAY! Independence is here once again

Wed, 25/04/2012 - 20:41 -- Admin.


My people in the Lion Mountain, this Ariogbo is congratulating you for another Independence anniversary. Is this not the 51st Independence anniversary of the Lion Mountain, which ordinary humans call Sierra Leone?

But wait oh; it is like not even after fifty-one years of oldness, the Lion Mountain is still as bigful as it was when it was just one year old! 


This is a very serious indictment on the part of the successive gofments, and we can even cast blame on the former colonial masters of the Lion Mountain for ensuring that the Lion Mountain remains in perpetual darkness, backwardness, stationary, and bleak. Now another Independence anniversary is here all over again and the feeble humans in the Lion Mountain, instead of sitting down and reflecting on the past, present and future of the Lion Mountain, they will just be pulling all kinds of debul and krifis, instead of telling God tenki for adding another year to the age of the Lion Mountain and for helping the humans endure the hardship, hard up, malaria, blackout, water scarcity and all the other yagbas in the Lion Mountain.

In the Ariogbo Kingdom, we celebrate Independence anniversaries with pomp and pageantry. In fact, we do not have any particular day we call Independence Day. In the Ariogbo Kingdom, everyday is Independence Day because we are very totally and soberly independent in every sense of the word. We do not rely on money from institutions like the IMF, the World Bank, DFID, African Development Bank and other foreign banks. We do not ask nor need handouts of food, drugs, clothing or other humanitarian assistance because we are independent and dependent on no one but ourselves.

But oh yah, you humans in the Lion Mountain even with all your baybayraybay independence anniversary celebrations like the last one when the Lion Mountain was 50 years old, you still rely on people in foreign lands to feed, clothe and even bathe you?! A man at 50 like the Lion Mountain is not a man but a pikin indeed?! This is serious wahala for humans in the Lion Mountain because how can you expect to grow and prosper when you are dependent even at the age of 50 years?! What kind of old baby is this place called the Lion Mountain? But since the Lion Mountain is now 51 years of age, we in the Ariogbo Kingdom salute you all and wish you well as you grow older, wiser but poorer!? This nar war oh!  

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