DIFSIL Concerned Over Ebola Threat on Disabled

Mon, 30/06/2014 - 10:31 -- chiefeditor

By Maddieu A.A.T Kabbah

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Disabled International Foundation - Sierra Leone, (DIFSIL), Ambassador, Imambay Kadie Kamara, has added her voice to national concerns over the spread of the dreadful Ebola disease in the country.

According to Ambassador Kadie Kamara, the issues of Ebola have become too great a concern for her organization. She admonished every Sierra Leonean to come onboard and help fight this disease. She said however, that her concern over the fate of disabled persons in the face of the dreaded Ebola scourge has multiplied, taking into consideration their vulnerable status.

 “I am really worried about the disabled people including the deaf, blind and physically challenged. I am concerned over trying to reach and educate them about the Ebola virus because they too are exposed to its dangers. “We are using this medium to call on government, its partners and citizens as a whole to help educate disabled people about the Ebola disease and its symptoms, so that they too would know how to prevent contracting the disease and what to do in the event someone close to them does,” Ambassador Kadie Kamara said.

She went on to say the disease has been in existence for some thirty six years now and that it caused horrendous deaths Congo where the disease was first discovered.

She went on to say the outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone has been very alarming and that people should be aware of its dangers that and be ready to prevent themselves from the killer virus.

“We are here as an organization to create awareness within the disabled family to understand that the virus is very dangerous and there is no cure for it as at now. Please be watchful and take care of yourselves as we value your lives so much and don’t want to lose you just like that,” she admonished.

She further said authorities should not forget about the disabled on the prevention of Ebola campaigns as they are also Sierra Leoneans but more vulnerable than able bodied persons and need specialist attention.

“We are calling on the government and international organizations to help the disabled people in the country to have more knowledge on the prevention of this dreadful disease,” she noted.  


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